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Reef Frenzy® is an all-in-one “super food” produced by a family of reef addicts who blend premium, human grade, wild caught seafood into an aquarium food for your fish.

The “buzz” on social media surrounding LRS is grounded in one simple fact. We DO take fresh, wild caught, chemical free seafood and process it into a superior blended aquarium food which is unlike anything available. Our blends are supplemented with industry staples such as genuine PE Mysis® shrimp, Euphausia krill, rotifers, probiotics and more to create the ultimate reef aquarium food. The freshness and complete nutrition is why more hobbyists, breeders and public aquariums are choosing LRS over any other blended food product. You can rest assured that LRS food blends contain NO GARLIC since it is now believed marine fish cannot metabolize this terrestrial substance and it may in fact be harmful to fish if ingested long term.

Our temperature controlled enriching process adds 100% natural beta carotene, fatty acids, and lab verified active probiotics to every batch to create what many industry experts refer to as “the highest quality commercial food ever produced.”

Larry’s Reef Services strives to create the best reef food the hobby has ever seen!

Reef Frenzy®

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