Frank’s Tanks 1 gallon mix package of ( Alkalinity ) Mixed Brew




This product is a measured mixture of Carbonate/ BiCarbonate.

When using a reef calculator, please refer to the following on the calculator: ( I will have my own calculator shortly!! )

Calcium Chloride- Randy’s Recipe 1

Sodium Carbonate- ( FRANK’S BREW ) Randy’s Recipe 1 ( This product has a greater effect on pH than the other versions. It is my personal preference but everyone has their own preference ! )

Sodium Bi-Carbonate- Randy’s Recipe2 ( Should not have any effect on pH, so use this when you have a stable pH )

Sodium Carbonate/ Sodium Bi-Carbonate Mix ( MIXED BREW )- ESV Original Ca Buff 1 ( The effects on pH are minimal )

Magnesium Chloride/ Magnesium Sulfate- Randy’s Recipe 1

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