Abyzz 3rd Party Controller Interface Cable


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Connect your Abyzz pump to a GHL or APEX controller with this simple to install interface cable and use Fusion to do all your programming for 24-hour cycles, enable feed modes, and apply warnings and alarms.

Connecting the Abyzz to Neptunes Apex Interface cable is very simply. All that is required is an open variable speed port on an Apex System or expansion module. The RJ45 connector will plug directly into the variable speed port on the Apex system and then the serial port should be connected to the master socket of the Abyzz pump driver.


Rated Input -1w max
Operating Volatage – 5VDC
RJ45 to Serial Cable Length – 60 inches
Serial to Serial Extension Cable Length – 72 inches

What’s Included?

1x Serial to RJ45 Cable
1x Serial to Serial Extension Cable

Note:Depending on your model of pump, a driver software update may be required.

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